Reaching the desired target-audience is a complex task that requires a 360-degree view over the technological and multimedia environment. This environment is dynamic and ever-changing, and so it is very important to develop a detailed media plan. To fulfill this goal, it is essential to have an experienced team that is able to take into account the latest industry changes. Our Multimedia Strategy team is more than capable of doing this, allowing us to offer multiple creative options and solutions for any given project.

These are the services that our multimedia consulting team offers:


In this phase, our team performs an exhaustive market-study and a study of the target audience. We then combine both studies and add to the equation our clients’ budget and goals.


Our team evaluates which of the available platforms best fit the general strategy, assigning a part of our clients’ budget to each of the ones selected and developing the messages that will be shown on each of these platforms.


Based on the available budget for each project, our team makes the necessary evaluations and calculates the investment that will return the best rentability to our client.


Our consultants prepare every aspect of the project to ensure a successful launch. They then follow-up studying the results of this launch, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to increase and optimize our clients’ return on investment.

One of the main comparative advantages that play in favor of KEYFRAME VIDEO is the fact that we integrate the services of both a design and video production company and a multimedia consultancy. This mix allows us to imagine, design and launch videos that reach the highest levels of interaction with our target audience. Working this way ensures optimal results, reduces the need for investment and raises the brand awareness levels of our clients.