Creating an advertisement that captivates the viewers' attention and contains the values and goals of each brand can be useless if it doesn’t reach the target audience at the right time, with the correct format and using the platform or platforms that best adapt to the goals of the campaign. This is why knowing the different platforms that are available to us and understanding the way target audiences of each brand think and behave is the key to any successful communication strategy. The Media Consulting team at KEYFRAME VIDEO has been involved in complex marketing campaigns for years, working with several different brands in a wide variety of segments.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Web sites, TV. These are just part of a long list of platforms where our video productions may be launched. A real multi-media strategy is not only based on which platforms you will use, it must take into account the distinctive characteristics of each of those platforms, analyzing and detecting the target audience for each of them, studying the date on which our product will be launched, the specific video formats we will be using… Also, studying the metrics and parameters of these platforms helps us solve the complex decision panel that we at KEYFRAME face on a daily basis: mastering of these skills allows us to perform quick and successful consulting for each of our clients.

We are experts in the media environment, and we constantly push ourselves to research new technological ways and alternatives. Experimenting with each of the discoveries that we make allows us to always be in a position where we can offer new solutions to our clients.