A brilliant idea, a powerful story, an impeccable shooting day, the perfect actors and location… All of these identify an advertisement or film produced at KEYFRAME. We care for our productions: looking for new unseen locations and producing the most beautiful shots have turned us into the Body & Mind Wellbeing sector referent when it comes to video production. We make sure that our personal vision on healthy lifestyle and respect for nature is reflected in our storytelling, so that every clip that is produced at KEYFRAME VIDEO has an emotional impact on viewers, adding value to the brands we work with.

If you want to impress your clients and reinforce your brand's image, you will need to aim for the highest levels of quality, which is only possible with a highly talented team. Our agency prides itself on always recruiting the most talented professionals, as this is the only way to ensure continued quality and creativity in our work. Our films reflect the hard work of an experienced team, one that has years of combined experience when it comes to shooting, editing or post-producing videos. We will also find the best locations and cast the best actors to always go above and beyond our clients' expectations.

We pride ourselves on the fact that every production that comes out of KEYFRAME VIDEO reflects the talent, imagination, and the constant pursuit of perfection of our team of professionals.