Beautiful, effective, touching

Mind & Body Wellbeing and Green Living are our main areas of expertise. We have developed a variety of educational videos and training courses that focus on these areas of knowledge. We also work in other areas that are connected to these such as inspirational videos and self-improvement and changing of life through physical and spiritual exercise.

A great deal of our creative effort is linked to movements such as plant-based food, the increasingly popular mindfulness or the topic of respect towards nature. Many of our productions have looked into activities like yoga, pilates, nutrition and outdoor sports such as running or cycling.

When it comes to technical production guidelines, at KEYFRAME we focus on three key areas:


Our production team looks after every single detail of our films to make sure we accomplish our goal of producing extremely high-quality videos. Our vast experience in video production and in the use of the latest tools and techniques allows us to offer a very competitive price, even in the most demanding projects.


Have a look at our catalog of video productions and you will see that it includes extensive experience creating educational and training video series. We are especially knowledgeable in the area of “body & mind wellbeing”, but you will find this isn’t our only skill! For this type of projects, we can offer consulting services, assisting or taking part in the decision-making process to ensure the length, contents, and the number of episodes or seasons are right for each given course. We can also advise on what kind of partners can help reduce production costs or how to best position each content to achieve the greatest impact and an optimum Return On Investment.


Video advertising plays an important role in our catalog. Our expert Video Editing and Post Production team always add a great deal of value to each of our films, as this type of video is often enriched with 3D animation.

We develop our work in the USA for both English and Spanish speakers, Central America, South America and Europe.