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    KEYFRAME VIDEO is a video production company that specializes in 'body & mind wellbeing'. We are based in Colorado (USA) and have extensive experience both in the European and American markets.

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  • Video Production

    From Pre to Post-Production, our team of dedicated videographers and media experts will turn your idea into a powerful and inspiring visual product, no matter the scale or budget of your project.


    The skills we’ve gathered through our vast experience in the multimedia sector play a vital role in how we position each of our projects in the dynamic and ever-changing environment of media communication and social networks.


What we do best


To fulfill this goal, it is essential to have an experienced team that is able to take into account the latest industry changes. Our Multimedia...

Vídeo Production

We pride ourselves on our storytelling, we are capable of seamlessly merging the message into the images with a natural flow. To achieve this, we...

  • Nick Blake, Marketeer

    Our work with KEYFRAME has extended over a decade. They are really professional people, their staff know all the lightning and sound tricks and the results are always awesome


Meet The Team


I was the founder and CEO at Aomm.tv, the leading yoga and pilates online platform in Spanish. Passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, yoga and trail running, I am a doer with strong determination and love for life.


Throughout my life I have spent more time among lenses, cameras and lights than doing anything else. For years I worked as an advertising photographer for the best agencies and clients in Spain, publishing in magazines or...